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  • Van Andel Institute Phase II
  • Building Foundation in Process- Geotechnical Services and Soils Testing
Client: Van Andel Institute
Type: Healthcare
Size: 240,000 sq ft
Definition: New
Budget: $178,000,000
Completion Date: December 2012
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Location: Grand Rapids MI

A private cancer research facility in Grand Rapids, MI, the first phase of VanAndel Institute’s construction was 150,000 square feet. The Phase II construction was 240,000 square feet at a cost of $178 million. The 8 story Phase II addition is on top of a hill and a historic church is located directly down the hill. Phase II foundations are as much as 37 feet below the Phase I floor. This presented the scenario for an extremely sensitive high risk project that required innovative earth retention solutions and innovative geotechnical instrumentation for movement monitoring. The project was successfully completed through a collaboration of a team of professionals who worked diligently and expertly throughout the entire project.