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DC Cook Nuclear Power Plant

Dry Cask Storage

Bridgman, Michigan

Photo for DC Cook Nuclear Power Plant


  • Subtitle: Dry Cask Storage
  • Phase: complete
  • Completion date: March, 2012
  • Budget: $200,000.00


There were sixteen proposed locations along a potential water intake tunnel corridor to be drilled up to 450 feet below the lake bed. The project was conducted from a specialized jack-up barge in water depths ranging from 35 feet to 70 feet. The barge deck had to be jacked up at least 18 feet above the water for long-term safe drilling on the lake. The team was challenged by the discovery of a deeply incised gravel filled bedrock valley at approximately 6000 feet offshore, which required the development and implementation of a revised drilling method. The weather also proved to be challenging which included storms with gale force winds, high waves, fog and extreme heat. These weather challenges caused delays, however the project was completed safely and successfully, on time and within budget.