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The "MTC Difference"

With the ability to integrate our environmental, geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing services, MTC provides valuable benefits and support for your project. We believe in cost effective solutions, minimizing construction costs and timely communication.

That is why at MTC we say, “Build With Confidence”.


We understand the many challenges the transportation industry faces in today’s environment. At MTC, we provide reliable inspection services for numerous transportation sector projects. For solutions that address these challenges, it requires a knowledgeable firm that can provide innovative engineering techniques and a proven track record.  With the use of Field Manager PC based software, we are able to document construction progress, record daily activities, and verify the sufficiency of material test results.  It also allows us to coordinate with the contractor for monitoring equipment and personnel, processing contract modifications and respond to other contractor communications.

Bridge Structure
MDOT Prequalified Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Inspection Services

  • MDOT Prequalified Geotechnical Engineering Services
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Asphalt, Concrete and Soil Testing
  • Pavement Rehabilitation Recommendations
  • Pavement Design Criteria
  • Soil Stabilization Methods
  • Monitor Pile Driving Operations
  • Welding & Coating Inspections for Bridge Projects
  • Design Segmental Block Retaining Walls