Safety Culture


… a personal priority, a challenge for individuals to use their training to anticipate site conditions, assess site hazards, both evident and potential to determine safe work practices.  Individuals are empowered to assess risks and to stop work to mitigate risks.

… our Managers responding to staff’s concerns and developing a safe plan to provide our services.  

… integrated into our business model, is aligned with our quality standards and is written into our technical procedures. It is not a separate function or requirement; it’s how we provide professional testing services.  

We provide specific training as required by OSHA and as needed for specific tasks, such as but not limited to Confined Space, Fall Protection, Lift, Protection, First Aid, Asbestos Worker, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection, Radiation Protection and Hazard Communication (Right to Know). 

Geotechnical staff, Environmental staff and Drillers are OSHA HAZWOPER (CFR 1910.120) trained through completion of 40-hour training and 8-hour annual refresher training by an approved trainer through the OSHA Outreach Training Program along with internal field level training in hazards recognition, PPE use and decontamination methods. 

Safety training is overseen by MTC/MATECO’s Safety Officer, a certified Associate Safety Professional by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. 


ISNNetworld No. 400-43795

AVETTA No. 62833

MTC's COVID Protocol

The safety and well-being of our team, stakeholders and the public have always been and will continue to be the paramount priority through the COVID-19 pandemic. We use a combination of engineering and administrative controls to prevent the spread of the SAR-CoV-2 virus. We minimize face to face interactions but maintain business continuity by working remotely and communicating, coordinating, and reviewing through various online applications. We minimize exposure by screening all staff and visitors, daily for COVID-19 related symptoms and for COVID-19 contacts, by wearing nose and mouth coverings in our offices and on worksites, by cleaning/sanitizing equipment and office surfaces, by maintaining social distances and by contact tracing. Our onsite COVID-19 Coordinators continually monitor our efforts to maintain safe operations. The latest guidance from the CDC, MIOSHA, WHO and MDHHS are continually reviewed and our COVID-19 policies updated, accordingly.

Our safety goals are accomplished through open communication, vast training and through experience gained by reviewing safety risks.

Key elements of our safety program are:

  • New Hire Orientation and Safety Awareness Training
  • Work Task Specific Training
  • Pre-Project Safety Review
  • Daily Site Hazard Assessments
  • Weekly Managers Safety Update
  • Weekly Departmental Safety Awareness Information
  • Monthly Company-wide Safety Meetings
  • Quarterly Committee and Leadership Team Meetings
  • Near-miss, First-Aid Injury, Recordable Injury reporting and review

A word from our Corporate SAFETY officer

“I feel personally responsible for creating the environment so that MTC staff can have what they need, both in equipment and knowledge to work safely. I will hear their words and respond to their requests.

Our culture allows our most inexperienced staff to approach our most senior staff when they are working in an unsafe manner or are at risk of being injured. As a senior safety member, I want my coworkers to watch out for me. I want to go home to my family, just like I want them to go home to theirs.

It is great to work for a company where safety culture is the top priority. Supervisors genuinely care about your safety on the job and are always available to communicate when a problem arises.”
Allan Howland
ASP, Corporate Safety Officer