What We Do

Merging our technical abilities with our core values, MTC has earned a reputation for providing superior engineering and testing services. Our multi-disciplined capabilities include geotechnical engineering services, construction materials testing and engineering, hazardous materials management, environmental consulting, independent laboratory testing, and structural restoration services.

We use the latest technologies to stay ahead in our fields of expertise. Our projects reflect our creative use of innovation as well as proven techniques in order to provide cost-effective solutions.

When your project can’t afford even the slightest deviation in quality, you can rely on MTC’s construction materials engineering and testing services (CMET) for timely, accurate results and cost-effective recommendations for the length of your project. 

We offer structural testing services from the fabrication stage to construction, across a wide range of materials including fireproofing, connections, structural steel, and welding inspection. State-of-the-art equipment, trained personnel, and established testing methods eliminate deviations in quality and keep your project on schedule.

We know subsurface conditions can significantly impact your project’s design, budget, and schedule. Our geotechnical engineering services provide a high degree of confidence that subsurface anomalies are caught on the front end of a project.

Our ground penetrating radar services provide a safer, cost-effective alternative to radiography. A  wide range of frequencies from our GPR antennas are capable of non-destructively locating subsurface targets including underground wells.

To determine the feasibility of storm water infiltration and to properly design storm water management structures, we know you need accurate and reliable evaluation of the soil infiltration rate or permeability. Our staff, array of testing equipment, and accredited laboratories give us the capability to handling all aspects of the soil infiltration or permeability testing process.

We understand that properly engineered maintenance and rehabilitation asset management plans will protect your investment. Our pavement management and rehabilitation programs allow you to develop an action plan based on your goals and budget, reduce overall project costs and increase the longevity of your paved surface.

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, MATECO Drilling Company, is an experienced environmental and geotechnical drilling firm that allows MTC to eliminate subcontractor mark-ups and expedite field schedules.

As a recognized industry leader in environmental compliance and consulting, we represent state, municipal and private sector clients on multi-faceted projects. Our ability to offer consulting, testing, and drilling services reduces contracting costs, eliminates redundant drilling programs, and simplifies communication.

Our industrial hygiene services include specialized testing services for asbestos, metals, mold and other potentially hazardous building materials. Our consultants will design a hazardous materials and mediation plan that meets the needs of all involved parties, and  will monitor the project to ensure regulatory requirements and quality standards are met.

Our in-house materials testing laboratory has been providing timely, accurate results for over 50 years. We’re an accredited laboratory in soils testing, concrete testing, aggregates and asphalt. Precise and valid test results are our top priority.


Providing accurate and timely information to clients is a top priority to us.  Recently we decided to transition to an electronic field data collection solution to improve our reporting process and accelerate getting the field data to clients.  Before, project managers would have to wait for the handwritten information to come back from the field with the technician and then get entered into the system before they could review the data.  Now, the data is entered and submitted in the field and the information is available in real-time for a project manager to review.  Not only does this reduce the delay of clients getting reports, it also reduces the multiple steps in the process where there were chances for errors to happen.  Our electronic field data collection can preserve the accuracy of the testing data resulting in a timely delivery of the final report to the client.   
With information at our fingertips and a smart device in our hand, using technology advancements for collecting and reporting field data is essential for client satisfaction.