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Ground Penetrating Radar


MTC owns and operates five GPR antennas ranging in frequency from 200 MHz to 2600 MHz capable of exploring for a variety of information including rebar, conduit and void locations within and below concrete structures, utilities and underground storage tanks below the ground surface as well as shallow geologic features such as bedrock, groundwater and soil strata.

GPR is safer and more cost effective than radiography (X-ray) and has the advantage of allowing other trades to continue their work without a large area evacuation.

Ground Penetrating Radar A Non-Destructive Solution

We offer Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to our clients as an effective, easy method to non-destructively locate subsurface targets.

Ground Penetrating Radar works by sending a tiny pulse of energy into a material and recording the strength and time required for the return of any reflected signal. A series of pulses over a single area make up what is called a scan. Reflections are produced whenever the energy pulse enters into a material with different electrical conduction properties (dielectric permittivity) from the material it left. The strength, or amplitude, of the reflection is determined by the contrast in the dielectric constants of the two materials.

Ground Penetrating Radargram