The MTC Team

Meet The MTC Team

The experienced team at Materials Testing Consultants are skilled in a variety of different areas. Learn more about each team member below.

Steven M. Elliott, P.E.

Daniel S. Elliott, P.E.
Vice President and Regional Manager

Nicholas W. Fransted, P.E.
Vice President, Renewable Energy Division Manager, and West Michigan Office Manager

Todd D. Munger, P.E.
Vice President and Geoenvironmental Department Manager

Robert K. Thelen

Timothy Lautenbach, P.E.
CMET Division Manager, West Michigan and Corporate Quality Officer

Keith VanStrate
Laboratory Manager, West Michigan

                  Robert J. Warren, P.E.                  Project Manager

Gregory Elliott
Laboratory Manager, Southeast Michigan

Curtis Weaver
CMET Field Department Manager, West Michigan

Jeremy Duval 
Mid Michigan Manager

Neeko Robison
Field Manager, Southeast Michigan

Christopher Kestner, CIE
Senior Project Professional

Victoria VanZalen
Business Division Manager

Jessica Van Timmeren
Human Resource Supervisor

Tori Elliott
Marketing Coordinator

Lindsay VanStrate 
Lead Recruiter

Jami Nyhuis
Business Development